Cleaning up the Old Apartment

Old Apartment

Moving out of the old apartment and moving into a new one does not only pop in a responsibility on you to decorate the new apartment but also requires you to make sure your old apartment looks good after you vacate it. You cannot act all selfish by leaving the old apartment in a bad condition. While finding englewood apartments and shifting to a new one, it is obligatory to you to leave it in a rather good condition. Some of the property owners add this clause in their leasing agreement that requires the tenants to leave the apartment in a rather good condition. If you are one of those people who are about to the leave the old apartment and move into a new one, the tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you in changing the condition of the apartment you are about to leave from bad to good.

The first thing that you must do in order to make the condition of the old englewood apartments for rent better is to mend the walls of the apartment. If you are an art lover and have inserted lots of nails on the walls to hang paintings, you must first fill the holes made on the walls due to nails. You can do this by applying spackle on the holes and pressing them tightly with your fingers. If you find this process difficult, you can use a paint that is similar in color with the color that wall has already been painted with. This process can however get a bit messy. The easiest way to get rid of the holes is to insert spackle inside the holes to close them up.

If you have really ruined the paint of the walls of the old englewood apartment rentals, you must get it fixed. Painting the walls of the apartment can be a bit tricky, as you need to find the color of the paint that matches the color of the wall. You need to be careful as the wet paint is a bit darker and the wall gets light in color once the paint dries. However, if you have had kids living with you in the apartment who really ruined the walls, you need to take this step and paint the walls. This will not only impress your property owner but he will be eager to recommend you to your future property owners as well. This step will indirectly affect your tenant record in a positive manner.

Before moving to the next apartments in englewood co, make sure that you have cleaned up the bathrooms of the old apartment. Buy certain kinds of products that help you cleaning the bathroom. You need to clean up the sinks as well as the taps of the bathroom. Make sure that you clean the bath in a way that it starts smelling nice. If the apartment you live in has carpets and curtains, make sure that you either wash them off or clean them with wet cloth. Remove all the stains from the curtains and make them look new like before.

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